Nov 1, 2008


The new world order seems to be an incredibly hot theme of late. A simple google search for the NWO will bring you a lot of wrestling results, in addition to the wikipedia entries. Not only that, but the media, and even some TV shows (Heroes s03) mention it. Oh, and let's not forget Bush senior, junior and other politicians like Rudy Giuliani (when he's not screaming terrorist that is).

It's almost like watching Scarface and counting "fucks" from Al Pacino! Anyway, I just had to add that one to the mix. It is important for you to see how well run this machinery really is. Your media is there to subtly distort your perspective on something. Don't believe me? Still trying to wrap your head around the fact that "bad news sell"?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

So why are they advocating the NWO over all these various medias? Why are they throwing what's happening directly in our subliminal face? It's really very simple.
Your unconscious picks up everything. Your thoughts create your reality.
Ever had a bad day and felt that everyone and everything was against you?
And on another note, when you're newly in love, ever notice how everything seems to be going your way?

It really is very simple. Spread the word of the NWO, and those who think of it will help that reality manifest! They NEED to spread the word for it to happen, because if they weren't.. nobody would buy it. A new world order? What the fuck, seriously?