Oct 30, 2008


Bush doing his best to fuck the world over while he's still in the White House.

That's right. Shit. I watched the news this morning to get my daily dose of the corporate media propaganda. It seems the financial crisis is a hot theme, but you probably already knew that.

In relation to that, I give you Zeitgeist Addendum. It's important for you to know what the financial system really means to your freedom. Freedom is of course a word open to interpretation, but if you take 2 hours of your life to watch this you will not regret it.

But that wasn't what this post was about at all. They reported that they had found some chemical in chinese eggs. I checked the 'net, and dug up this story.

Anyway, as soon as I saw this I thought to myself "That's how they're going to get the bird flu out. The "vaccine" with 2/3 of the virus is already being administered as MANDATORY in some parts of the U.S. The only thing missing is the last part.

I then proceeded to sneeze 5 times. I felt like my brain left through my nose. For those of you who understand the spiritual, I'm sure you know what it means. :)

But anyway, having spent another 10 minutes doing research while I write, I came across this little goldmine. Check it out.

Apparently, this isn't the only time the U.S. launches a deadly virus to scare people into submission.

I guess now all we have to do is wait? But wait! Why wait?